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Asian Castings & Foundry (ACF) is the exclusive representative in North America for a premier manufacturer of high-tech railroad components, and your smart choice supplier for products of superior quality and performance.

Asian Castings & Foundry is a core partner and team member of China Railroad Shanhaiguan Bridge Group (CRSBG).  CRSBG, China’s leading railroad components manufacturing company, provides a key manufacturing source for Asian Castings & Foundry.

photoEstablished in 1894, China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd (CRSBG) with its long history is the most magnificent and the most powerful manufacturer of bridge steel structure, railway turnouts, and heavy machinery in China.  Its parent company is China Railway Group Co., Ltd, a Global 500 company.

CRSBG has its headquarters at Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao City of Hebei Province, covering an area of 1,237,800 square meters.

Their main components are high manganese steel frogs and alloy steel frogs.

CRSBG has over 100 years of experience in trackwork manufacturing. CRSBG’s products have been proven in applications worldwide, on major railroads throughout China and North America, with average loads exceeding 150 million tons.


New Technologies

The recent addition of the Explosive Depth Hardening (EDH) technology has further improved the quality of our product and its technology content.

Donovan EDHIn order to provide fastest delivery, highest quality and timely services, the manufacturer, CRSBG-Donovan EDH, has fully dedicated Asian Castings & Foundry to be the sole representative in handling marketing, sales and customer services to the North American market. 

Utilizing the state-of-the-art CRSBG manufacturing facility and its cutting edge technology, we offer a wide variety of steel and alloy frogs and inserts which have been widely used by major railroads in North America and China.


Profitable Partnering

We are committed to Superior Quality, Competitive prices and Dependable Deliveries for our Partners.

Asian Castings & Foundry has been tirelessly pursing the highest quality standard, production excellence and customer satisfaction, through improvement in technology and delivery time. ACF is committed to an expedited delivery schedule, superior product quality and reliability.

We are committed to developing a partnership with each of our customers and becoming the supplier of choice.

The Goal is Performance

The goal of Asian Castings & Foundry is to meet our customers' needs with high quality products and superior production capacity while lowering their inventory costs.

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